N° 177  -   ARTHUR-LEVY  - Napoléon et la Paix.

Ce livre est tiré en 15 cahier(s) de 32 pages il comporte donc un total de 480 pages
soit 467 pages de texte 13 page(s) en fin de livre.
Primo publication Nelson 1921
in-16, 4fr50, 189 rue Saint-Jacques , 467 + VI pp
Illustration : Edmund Blampied

Edition originale:Plon-Nourrit 1902 prix Thèrouanne de l'Académie Française
Réédition Nelson à l'occasion du centenaire de la mort de Napoléon.

Résumé catalogue Que faut-il lire ? Nelson 1923

(ouvrage couronné par l’Académie Française)
Thèse originale et hardie qui montre, en faisant état des documents conservés dans les chancelleries étrangères, que la responsabilité des quinze années de guerre du consulat et de l’Empire ne peut pas être imputée à Napoléon.

L'histoire de la jaquette

Remerciements à Andrew Hall qui a eu l'amabilité de nous communiquer nombre de lettres adressées par Nelson à E Blampied.

7th September 1920 (81)

Dear Mr. Blampied,

Many thanks for the key drawings for the cover and coloured illustrations for Blam's Book of Fun. I hope to let you have proofs of these for colouring soon.

I should like you to send me a sketch for the cover for a book by Arthur Levy entitled Napoleon et Le Paix. I am sending with this three documents and also Mr Levy suggestions for the cover. They are as follows: 1. Plate entitled Testament et Funerales de Napoleon. 2. Small copper medallion. 3 Rough sketch giving Mr Arthur Levy's ideas how the cover might be prepared. The size of the volume is the usual size of Collection Nelson, 6¼" x 4". Mr Levy informed me that as he could not work in the cannon he had substituted the draperies of the colours instead but suggests that if you could manage to include the cannon, or part of it, it would be preferable. Kindly also note that the hand, Main de la Loi, which protrudes from the hat at the bottom of the rough sketch should be straight and not pointed as in the sketch. He has also pointed out that the head covering on the large picture is not good and it would be preferable to use that in the medallion which I have not doubt you could arrange to do.

Yours very truly,

5th October 1920 (202)
Dear Mr. Blampied,

I have sent on the cover for Napoleon et La Paix to France and will let you hear whether it is approved in due course. I am sorry to say that we have not yet printed Les Chouans drawings. I shall try to send you proofs of these when we do so but the book is kept back in the mean time, like so many more. I am sending you one or two pulls of wrappers for the French series.

27th October 1920 (291)

Dear Mr. Blampied,

Will you be very good enough to return to us the author's sketches and medal for the Napoleon volume? The author, M. Levy, is not satisfied with the sketch and sends us a number of suggestions. I cannot see clearly how to carry these out until I have his own sketch and the medal before me.

Yours very truly,

3rd November 1920 (332)

Dear Mr. Blampied,

The author of Napoleon et Le Paix seems to be very exacting in the manner of the wrapper of this volume. I am enclosing you a letter we have received from him, also the medal, sketches etc returned by you a few days ago. You will note his criticisms on your design. It seems to me he forgets altogether this is merely a sketch. However it is tolerably clear to me that he wants: 1. He does not want a black band. 2 He takes exception to the expression of the eagle. 3. The Napoleon portrait is not in accordance with the medal. 4. The design at the foot should be smaller, a mere note. His alternative suggestion for another way for treating the design may be ignored. I think you could work out a new sketch endeavouring to make the design as refined as possible and carrying out Mr. Levy's suggestions. We can submit this and in all probability get his approval. I would suggest that you make the design the same size as the completed drawing will be viz. 6¼" by 4¾". I am sorry this wrapper has given so much trouble.

I am sorry that you now have no work on hand for us. I am hoping to send the key drawings for the Baby's Annuals shortly to you and I hope that before very long I may have some more commissions to send you.

Yours very truly

Paris House Letters to Mr Brown
19th November 1920

JJ Hutton, Paris House

Dear Mr Hutton,

Herewith Mr Blampied's sketch for Napoleon et la Paix. I hope this will please the author M. Levy. You may want some slight alteration but I do hope it will not receive an overwhelming amount of criticism. We have taken a good deal of pain in connection with this and I am doubtful whether it is worth it. We appear to be going to do a good deal for this book in the way of gratis copies etc so that we don not want to do much more if we can possibly help it.
Yours sincerely,

Paris Files: letter from Hutton, Societe Francaise d'editions Nelson, Paris

23rd November 1920

G. Graham, Thomas Nelson and Sons, Parkside Works, Dalgleith, Edinburgh

Dear Mr. Graham,

I have submitted Blampied's sketch for Napoleon et la Paix to M. Arthur Levy yesterday and I am glad to say that with very little alteration it will now do but I and all of us here agree that the head of Napoleon does not at all resemble the model sent. The face is too young and too plump. At the time of Napoleon's career which the book treats he was much more severe and I would ask you to get the artist to rectify the head in consequence. M. Levy asked why you had not photographed the model sent and this seems to me to have been the simplest thing to have done. Another small matter is that in the medallion we read leon Empereur and we think it better if the artist put on the preceding o or at least half or it so that it would be clear that it was an abbreviation of Napoleon and not Leon which is a proper name in itself. Thirdly, in the original sketch the sword was not repeated at the bottom. The "main de justice" was shown here and as it is useless to repeat the sword twice I think you will agree that the original idea had better be stuck to. It may seem that we are going to a great deal of trouble for this book but M. Arthur Levy had been a very good friend to us and it has always been our policy here and also that of the Directors at home to give him every satisfaction. With reference to these sketches do you not think that the time has now come to have some of them done here? It seems to me that with the exchange where it is would be at any rate a great economy.

Yours sincerely, Hutton

Paris files: note to Mr. Graham from Edwin Jack

25th November 1920

I return Mr Hutton's letter and we have asked Mr. Blampied to carry out the alterations suggested. I did not photograph the medallion because in my opinion the introduction of a photographic reproduction into the design would tend to destroy its unity. It might be worthwhile getting Mr Hutton to submit the work of artists he might propose to employ. Any sketches he has been sent hitherto have been distinctly inferior to the work we are getting here.



Paris files: letter from Hutton to G. Graham
29th November 1920

Dear Mr. Graham,

Your letter of 26th with thanks. The opinion expressed by your art department somewhat surprises me as no sketches for wrappers have been done in Paris since we started publication with the exception of the Hugo frontispieces and the illustration for Molliere by Mr Bailly which we consider distinctly better than some of those done by Mr Blampied. I am therefore suggesting that you allow us a trial to have one or two done by Mr Bailly.

Yours sincerely, Hutton

Volume 304 28th January 1921 to 12th April 1921 (1 letter)

1st April 1921 (325)

E. Blampied, 19 Glencairn Road, Streatham, London SW.

Dear Mr. Blampied,

In reply to your letter I am sorry to say that we are placing very little work at the present time. Owing to the present condition of business we are drastically restricting our output. Before long, however, I may have a small commission to place with you. I am sorry that we have not yet got proof of Les Chouans illustrations.

Yours very truly,

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