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Nelson's School Books

Apprentissage de la lecture - Reading Practice

  • Reading and Thinking

  • Nelson Reading Practice
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  • Nelson's Speedwell Readers
  • A Letter for Susan (A10)
    Rae, B. M.
    Tufty and Top-Knot (B11)
    Foote, Christina

  • Nelson's Reader Prince,Princess,King
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    Royal Reader
    Book 3 Toronto

    Histoire - History

    Highroads of History, 1907
  • HighRoads of History (Royal School Series)
  • First book 1908 First book 1930 Second book 1908 Second book 1931 Sixth book 1911 Seventh book 1909 circa
    Highroads of History en 6 Volumes. Thomas Nelson and Sons, London, Edinburgh, Dublin and N.Y. 1908-1909. 8 vo.
    1. Book I: Tales of the Home-land (a simpler treatment of the period before Christ up to 1900);128 pp.
    2. Book II: Stories from British History (from King Arthur to the story of South Africa, 1900);176 pp.
    3. Book III: Britons of Renown (some of those included are Boadicea, Ida the Flame-Bearer, Bishop Aidan, Sweyn the Dane, Godwin, Thomas Becket, Robert the Bruce, Thomas Wolsey, and more);192 pp.
    4. Book IV: Other Days and Other Ways (from the Earliest Times to 1485);256 pp.
    5. Book V: Tudor and Stuart (1485 to 1688);288 pp.
    6. Book VI: Modern Britain (1688 to 1907).336 pp.
    Many b/w illus. plus numerous colour plates from paintings by well-known artists. The Royal School Series.

    lien vers Highroads Empire History Book VIII

  • The History Highway
  • Second book 1938 Fourth book 1950

    Géographie - Geography

    Highroads of Geography, 1911
  • HighRoads of Geography (Royal School Series)
  • First book 1911 First book 1913 First book 1931 Third book 1913 Fourth book 1936 Fifth book 1919

  • Round the Globe(Foundation of Geography)
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    Littérature - Literature

    Highroads of Literature, 1911
  • HighRoads of Literature (Royal School Series)
  • First book 1911 First book 1913 Second book 1931 Fourth book 1913
  • Nelson's Practice Series)
  • A Graduated Series Designed to Teach Literature Study and Imitation, Correlated with Drawing and Imagination Exercises

    Dictionnaire - Dictionary

  • HighRoads Dictionary (Royal School Series)
  • Jaquette

  • The Royal English Dictionary
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    Type 2 de 1935
    Type 3 de 1946

    Jaquette Type 2

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