Les Collections Editées en Angleterre

Charlotte Marie Tucker ( A Lady Of England ) (May 8, 1821 – December 2, 1893)

A Friend in Need and other StoriesA Wreath of Indian Stories
Battling with the worldBeyond the black waters
ClaudiaCyril Ashley
Driven into exileEdith and Her Ayah and other Stories
Exiles in BabylonFairy Frisket
Fairy Know-A-BitFlora
Frank Redcliffe A Story Of Travel And Adventure In The Forests Of VenezuelaGood for Evil and other Stories
Harold's bridehebrew Heroes
House BeautifulIdols of the heart
Miracles of heavenly love in daily lifeMy Neighbour's Shoes: Or Feeling for Others
Old Friends with New FacesOn the Way
Parliament In the Play Room Pictures of St. Peter in an English home
Preceps in PracticePride and his prisoners
Rescued from EgyptStories of the wars of the Jews
The blacksmith of Boniface LaneThe City of nocross and its famous physician
The crown of successThe Forlorn Hope a Tale
The giant killer, or, The battle which all must fightThe golden fleece.
The Haunted RoomThe Holiday Chaplet
The Hymn my Mother Taught me and other StoriesThe iron chain and the golden
The Lady of ProvenceThe mine, or, Darkness and light
The Olive-Branch and other StoriesThe rambles of a rat
The robbers' caveThe Roby Family
The sailor's resolve, and other stories,THE SHEPHERD OF BETHLEHEM
The Silver Casket or The World and Its WilesThe Spanish Cavalier
The Story of a NeedleThe Sunday Chaplet
The Triumph over MidianThe young pilgrim : a tale illustrative of "The Pilgrim's progress"
Try Again and other StoriesUpwards and Downwards and other Stories
War and PeaceWhispering Unseen
Wings and stings : a tale for the young