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Robert Charles PETER

1888 - C 1980

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From Andrew Hall
You may be interested to know that the illustrator you name as 'A.O.D.' is R. C. Peter (Robert Charles Peter, born 1888, died circa 1980).
R.C. Peter designed the jacket for the first edition of 'Colette Baudoche' but the author did not like it. Blampied was asked to design a new jacket by Nelson's. This the letter from Edwin Jack, editor at Thomas Nelson & Sons in Edinburgh
13 February 1919 (106)

My dear Sir,

I must write to you personally to say how much delighted I am with your drawing of the children’s race. It is one of the most delightful children’s drawings I have seen for a long time – so breezy and sunny. I shall want several more of these drawings from you. You might be thinking of subjects but I hope to send you a few suggestions in a day or two. Meantime I am sending on to you a novel Colette Baudoche along with a letter criticising this wrapper unfavourably from the point of view of subject. Will you make us a sketch of the subject selected by the author and send it to me as soon as you can. If you cannot get a photograph of the Cathedral of Metz I shall be glad to get one for you. I must say I like the kind of drawing of the present cover. It is French in style it seems to me and the vignetted drawing seems much daintier and more effective than drawings with a background often are.
With thanks again for sending me such a jolly child’s subject.

I am, your very truly, E.C. Jack

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